Animated logos are rising up, this is not surprising to us. Spectators' eyes always tend to gravitate towards moving things. We increase the eye-catching effect by bringing these logos to life with the power of movement.

“We see in order to move; we move in order to see.”
― William Gibson

We made this is animated logo for Spruitje.
Spruitje, is a design lab founded by Dutch artist and dreamer Jonael van der Sloot.

In collaboration with his team and other designers, Spruitje searches for ways to provide a stage for natural elements. Inspired by science fiction, retro futurism and of course nature itself. They develop products hoping to inspire you to have a closer look at the world around you.

Like all our projects, we start with drawing concepts for the final product. Spruitje's logo was no exception. We made a lot of different iterations of the animation before we setteled on the final animation.

Every frame in this animation is drawn by hand. We chose to do this hand drawn style, because it fits the feeling the customer’s products communicate to his audience.

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