About this app

“Every problem gets solved with time.”
Debasish Mridha

Every company in the Netherlands is required to keep track of working hours. We found out this can be a tedious task which often gets forgotten.
At that time we had two options to choose from. Either we could get an online check-in solution, or we could just make it ourselves.
Ambitious as our team is we choose to create an hour registration app.
Here is the result:

The Ember Glitch check-in app is an hour registration app that keeps track of how many hours a day each employee has worked.
The app uses NFC scanning for easy check-in and check-out functionality. When an employee arrives at the office, he has to scan an NFC sticker on a wall in the office to start his working day.
When the employee leaves, he has to scan the sticker again to check-out. The system then stores the worked hours in the app.

This app is great for small development teams. Since we switched to this new system, we noticed it saved us a lot of time and effort. Now we have a better overview in our time administration.

The check-in app is made using Google Web Apps, Cordova as well as Google Spreadsheets.
We’re using Google Web Apps to communicate between a centralized spreadsheet and our check-in app.
The app is equipped with the following features:

– Check-in and -out using NFC.
– Keeping track the length of breaks.
– Employees can edit their attendance each week.
– Weekly overview, employees can view the attendance of all coworkers for the current week.