Ember Glitch is a game studio located in the Netherlands. We are a dedicated and talented young team with the capability to work flexibly and multidisciplinary on every project. We currently are working on two different projects, Automaton (working title) and asset packs for game development. For more information, visit the projects page.

Our History

All of us always had the aspire to create and tell unique stories. So as soon as we had graduated, we took the first steps of our pursuit in this great journey. In November 2017, we finally moved into our office, and Ember Glitch was born.

After two years in our mission, there was a slight shift in our team.
Rufilius has always had an affinity to work with his hands, so he decided to start up his workshop with all kinds of different projects. Ab wishes to expand his capabilities to the broader games industry, both here in the Netherlands and other countries. We happily look back to our past and wish them nothing less than success and happiness for their adventures.

Our Mission

We believe gaming is one of the most influential mediums to tell stories and drag people into a completely different world. Therefore we started a quest of our own to let people explore magical places they never visited before and amaze them with our stories and visuals.

Besides our mission, we strive to help aspiring game developers with reaching their goals and share our knowledge we gather along our journey.

Meet our Team

Simon van Strijp

3D Artist and Animator

My name is Simon van Strijp and I am the 3D artist and animator at Ember Glitch. In our workflow the 3D artist also textures the created assets. An affinity towards drawing and creativity is something I always had. That is why, Like the rest of the team, I did a four year study at het Grafisch lyceum Utrecht to learn the basics of Game Art. During this study I took two different internships, the first at Team Reptile. The second at Sticky Studios.

Rufilius and me were always thinking of setting up our own company after our graduation, When the rest of Ember Glitch came on board that dream started to become a reality.
Now I create the ingame 3D art, texture and animate. I also supervise the 3D internships.

You can contact me with the social media links on this page, feel free to ask me anything.

Jesse van Leeuwen


My name is Jesse van Leeuwen and I work as a programmer at Ember Glitch. My work consists of realising game mechanics and systems. I graduated the Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht in 2017 as game developer.

I started programming to be able to work on different kind of projects from entertainment games to interactive game experiences. In my third year I worked at Hibernate Studios as an intern and in my fourth year I had an internship at Monobanda play and worked as a freelancer for Monobanda-Play.

At my internships I gained a lot of knowledge about solving problem more creatively and thinking out of the box for different ways of giving feedback to users.
If you want to contact me please use the social media platforms below:

Quint Vrolijk

Technical and 3D Artist

My name is Quint Vrolijk and I am a technical artist / 3D artist at Ember Glitch. My main job is to make sure everything in our games looks and acts as it was intended. I also assist the team with the asset production and asset creation tools.

For the best result I always want to iterate as much as possible and keep my working space organised, because one click extra is one too many.

You can get in touch via Twitter, Steam or Discord.

‘Ps. informal is my middle name.’

Any Inquiries?

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