We have to inform everyone that our project ‘Bloodbag’ will be set on hold. We currently do not have the financial means to realise this project to our full vision. While we have a lot of fun crafting the fleshy world, we have to focus on other projects right now to establish a healthy company. We would like to thank everyone for giving feedback to the project. Your inspiring words have pushed us far into the project. Most of you have said the most incredible things about our art, which we still hold close to heart. We hope that you will stick around for the announcements of our new project! Until then.


About this game

Bloodbag is a 3D action-adventure game set on a distant world with a very unique and different way of life in which you play as a creature sprouted of from a seed which you need to protect and nurture. The world is made out of flesh, blood and bone instead of soil, water and rock. The primary source of life here is blood. The player has to manage his own blood to move in the world and explore secrets, fight enemies and help spread the seed that they carry within themselves.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

‘’There is no glory in battle worth the blood it costs’’


A comet has impacted on a planet made out of flesh and bone. From the destruction sprouted new life. The player enters a world filled with beauty and life, but to help this new life form, the player must travel this planet, finding the most nutrient-rich location and connecting it with the Core and destroy all the obstacles which lie before it. However, everything has a cost, and the world will react to the choices the player makes.

Life is key

Bloodbag takes place in an ecosystem which revolve around blood. As the player, you will manage the amount of blood you and other lifeforms have and use it to strengthen the Core your protecting. You can give your blood to another creature to infect him or take blood to heal yourself.

The World

Every slippery corner, long plain and stunning top of the Bloodbag universe is waiting to be explored and is ready to give the player a unique and astonishing experience.

The world will respond to your arrival

The player is not the only living thing in this world. As everything in the environment is alive, the whole planet will react to your presence. It is wise to think twice before you act.